One-touch UV Sterilization Box

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*1. Ultraviolet disinfection box can be quickly and effectively disinfected within 5 minutes, and the disinfection rate can reach more than 99%.

*2.One-touch UV sterilization and disinfection items: jewelry, car keys, masks and other items, electronics such as mobile phones, mice, remote controls, toothbrushes, makeup brushes and other personal toiletries.

*3. Built-in USB charging port, you can charge your phone after it is disinfected.



Standard input voltage: DC 5V 1A

Disinfection power: 1W

Maximum power: 2W

UV wavelength: 254nm

Material: ABS + PMMA

Button: disinfection

Disinfection time indicator: red = 5 minutes, green = 10 minutes, blue = 15 minutes

USB output voltage: ≤5V / 1A

Working temperature: -50 ° C ~ + 104 ° C

Size: 8.625 inches x 5 inches x 1.75 inches

Internal dimensions: 7 inches x 3.875 inches x 1 inch

Net weight: 300g

Capacity: Suitable for 6-inch mobile phones, watches, toothbrushes, jewelry, remote controls and other small objects



1* UV disinfection box


Disinfection duration:

Watch / Jewelry: 5 minutes

Phone / button / remote control: 10 minutes

Toothbrush / tableware: 15 minutes



1. Connect the USB cable to the correct port of the power supply and device.

2. Open the lid of the disinfection box, put the mobile phones, jewelry, watches and other items to be disinfected into the device, and then close the lid.

3. Press the button once to select the 5-minute disinfection time, then the red light flashes.

4. Press the button again to select the 10 minute disinfection time, and the green light flashes.

5. Press the button again to select the 15 minute disinfection time and the blue light will flash.



1. The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.

2. Please allow slight manual measurement deviation for the data.

3. After disinfection is complete, the indicator light will stop flashing.

4. During the disinfection process, you can open the lid and remove the items.

5. After opening the lid during the disinfection process, it will stop the disinfection. You must close the lid again to set a new disinfection duration.

6. After opening the cover, the UV light inside the device will go out.7086f37c3401344d51345e22b84961c24dd8fb3a64b18c956e656fad1f6807b761f1f2bc4ec817bc59b4c9692e9b47a966f2e052994e40c08fe87fe4dc94cb5575da9a71e2d33f47eb36d8d31d761f9d505c70126f71a1c26c802dc343190f0b707a5d94e72a9a015ed4d2c427fbbb2c3861a3687f051bc991ab181ef7c819f9


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